Every day for the last 6 months, my son has asked me the same question: “Mommy, have you bought your website yet?” Depending on my answer, he has had one of three reactions. The first was by far the most frequent. He would look up at me with his big brown eyes, a little sad, and say “Oh. It’s ok mom. You’ll get it soon.” The second was a fierce look of determination with his hands on his hips, as he rattled off a new marketing plan for me (he’s going to be a great businessman when he grows up). And the third, when there was any progress, no matter how small, was a huge smile, sans front teeth, and a really big hug followed by his favorite phrase, “yea!”

Well today it’s my turn to scream “YEA!” and to welcome you to the official launch of my website Honestly, I wasn’t sure this day would happen. I’ve dreamt about it for so long and I couldn’t have done it without some very important people in my life.

I swear this won’t turn into an Oscar-esque speech, but I owe a huge round of thanks to the following people:

Andrea Arco-Mastromichalis, at Arco+Associates, who without her guidance, support, and friendship, I’d still be saying “Oh…I’d like to do that sometime…” instead of gushing over this beautiful site.

Maureen Daley and Jeff Iqbal, at Daley Designs, who took the vision and made it happen; and made it SO pretty.

Veronica Pikul, at Second Love Photography, who took all the amazing pictures of me for all my social media sites.

All of the wonderful photographers I’ve met —Danny, Crissy, Dan, Jack, Brenda, Beckie, and Veronica.

All of my family and friends for their support and encouragement, especially Yael, Danielle, Suzanne, Pam, Allison, Linda, Tawnie, Heather, Kate, Stacie, Jamie, Sallie, Shelly, Jamie, Amy, Jason, Drew, John, Matt, Bob, and Sue.

MT, who was my “momma bird” and pushed me out of the nest.

Jon, for more than I can express in a sentence.

Chris, for fixing everything I break and doing all the things I just don’t want to do.

My boys, for being my biggest cheerleaders and always finding me the prettiest flowers.

My dad, who I wish was here to see this, and my mom, who is.

Thank you.

And to anyone who has seen one of my pictures and smiled, thank you. I hope you enjoy Klings & Things Photography

Cheers! Christina