Founded by photographer Christina Kling-Garrett in 2011, Klings & Things Photography specializes in artistic prints, sports sessions, personal branding sessions, and corporate shoots. Based in St. Louis, MO, Christina is an on-location senior photographer who believes that beauty can be found anywhere and should be found everywhere.

The name is not original…

The original Klings & Things was an eclectic brick-and-mortar gift store located in Osage, Iowa. It was opened by Christina’s parents in 1974 to bring art and beauty into people’s homes and lives. Although that store has long since closed, Christina shares their mission.

Christina’s perspective, though, most certainly is…

By seeing the ordinary in an unusual way, by capturing a monument—or moment—from a unique perspective, by finding art in the discarded, Christina produces photographs that speak to a variety of individuals. Since 2011, she has loaned her unique perspective to CEOs, newborn parents, alternative performers, soccer moms, and youth sports coaches to elicit emotion, enhance professionalism, and inspire confidence.

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“Christina has a great understanding of color depth and composition; this might be due to the fact that she grew up with a dark room in her home. She has a very classical style of image making that is often lost with the digital age.”
Laurel Erilane, RAW Showcase Director