Meet Christina

Christina Kling-Garrett holds a B.A. from The University of Iowa in English and, prior to founding Klings & Things, worked as a typesetter, editor, and senior content developer in the publishing industry for almost two decades.

Growing up in the darkroom of a weekly newspaper, photography has been a lifelong passion for Christina. Since launching Klings & Things in 2011, she has been hired by hundreds of corporations, schools, and individuals for her unparalleled ability to capture the essence of a subject—whether that subject is a newborn, an executive, a lab filled with new technology, a taco destined for an advertising campaign, a 10-year-old soccer player, or a burlesque performer on opening night.

Christina, herself, is versatile, which explains her commitment to a variety of photographic styles. When she is not out shooting, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two sons, and friends. She regularly supports a variety of charities and causes; contact her for more information.



“Here is a great example of somebody who is expressing their creativity and celebrating their freedom through their art.”
Jamie Allman, Host of Allman in The Morning