From owners of advertising agencies, realtors, and corporate executives to expanding families, soccer moms, and youth sports coaches, Christina’s clients are very different. Their one commonality? They love her work. Below are just some of the recent comments received.


“Christina has a great understanding of color depth and composition; this might be due to the fact that she grew up with a dark room in her home. She has a very classical style of image making that is often lost with the digital age.”
Laurel Erilane, RAW Showcase Director
“Here is a great example of somebody who is expressing their creativity and celebrating their freedom through their art.”
Jamie Allman, Host of Allman in The Morning
“YOU were wonderful to work with! Thank you for engaging my children so they enjoyed a photo shoot!! What a great experience and awesome results!”
Courtney Ruder


“Christina is a creative, driven and dedicated photographer. She recently conducted a photo shoot for my team at Panera Bread and the results were outstanding. Beyond her diligent attention to detail, she truly captured and delivered on our vision for this project. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Christina again in the future.”
Suzanne Riordan, Manager Communications, Panera


“A few years back I started using Christina for my teams and absolutely love her work. We have so many of the typical ‘Kids get in line, hold the ball and smile’ pictures in our basement that we don’t look at. These action photos are 100 times better, and she is amazing to work with. You will be completely shocked at how reasonable her prices are and all her images are provided in a digital format so you can use them for anything.”
Gary Hilligoss, Coach
“Christina, thank you for the incredible pictures from tonight’s game! I couldn’t be there, but these pictures brought tears to my eyes! You are the best! You are so incredibly talented and I appreciate all the awesome action pictures of my boys from our games over the years!”
Heather Heeb

Personal Branding

“Christina from Klings & Things Photography wanted to photograph me, and we had THE best time. We clicked, we had the most amazing photographer/model chemistry, and the photos are just, I just…I just didn’t think I could look like that.”
Charlotte Sumtimes, Emcee
“I felt like a true work of art with your help.”
Alternative performer, Zo’Hara Ble


“I got the print…and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for getting it shipped so quickly. It has found a good home.”
Paula Rocca
“I have two of Christina’s works hanging in my office.  Her works are not only shot extremely well technically, but have an uncanny sense of symmetry.   She finds harmony in ordinary things, hidden from many, but coming to life in a wonderful photo. Christina is an artist of high skill, with exquisite attention to detail.   I appreciate the care and selection of her subjects, as well as the artistry involved in the final presentation of her work.”
Rob Peglar, Senior Vice President & CTO, Symbolic IO