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For love of the fountains

For love of the fountains So this summer has been all about the water fountains. My younger son has loved fountains since the day he reached his chubby little arm out of his stroller and giggled as he splashed cold water all over me, but this summer he’s taken his passion for water to new [...]

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Graffiti Wall

Graffiti Wall One day when I was 16 or 17, I came home from a bad day at school. I don’t remember if I had a fight with one of my friends or my boyfriend, a bad practice, or was just frustrated in general, but after I parked my car in the garage I grabbed [...]

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Shattered Writing is hard for me; which I find amusing because I went to the University of Iowa to be a writer. Very quickly into my collegiate career, I learned that writing assumes a level of confidence with putting yourself out there for people to see (ie. judge) that I was never comfortable with. What [...]

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Memorial Day Portrait Offer

Memorial Day Portrait Offer for Military Families Dan Singer Photography/Design and I are teaming up to offer a handful of active military families professional portraits to commemorate Memorial Day who otherwise wouldn't have the financial resources for professional family photographs. We will be offering 4 sessions to local St Louis area families and each package includes: [...]

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Camera rolls, diaries, and resolutions

Camera rolls, diaries, and resolutions... What do my phone’s camera roll and my diary have in common? Well, it turns out a lot more than I thought. I've been super grinchy this holiday season - I didn't want to do a witty and clever card, I had multiple issues with the tree, I didn't even want [...]

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And it started with a dress

And it started with a dress.... Like most things in my life, it started with a dress. I saw a dress on Etsy in May of 2012 when I was listing images and I fell in love. And for once, I hesitated purchasing it because it was so beautiful. I mean it is princess-worthy beautiful. [...]

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Project Me

Project Me This photo shoot happened a few months ago. I had the best intentions of writing this immediately, but I put it off. Then I got really sidetracked. And then, well, then I procrastinated some more. And now I‘ve decided to split it up into parts. So work with me…pretend its early March. Ready, [...]

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One year

 Happy Anniversary Klings & Things! “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” I’d toyed with the idea for months. I told myself that I had to see if people bought anything, how the Christmas season went, that I needed to save some money, that I needed more time, and the scariest one….I had to [...]

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In front of the camera

In front of the camera: A photographer's day as a model. Everyone should have a friend that when you say, “I have this idea…it’s a bit crazy, but I think you’d really love it” who responds “I’m in!” without hesitation, reservation, or judgment. Well, Dan Singer is that friend to me. I “met” Dan online a [...]

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Roses by the Stairs

"Roses by the Stairs" My best friend came up with The Lyric Project. The conversation went something like this: “You love words. You’re a band geek. This will make you think, you can get lyrics from other people, AND you don’t have to take a picture every day.” Honestly, it was the last part that [...]

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