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Here’s the official press release for Klings & Things that was picked up by some great sources including the Sacramento Bee, Atlanta Business Journal, Reuters, St Louis Post-Dispatch, and

Leveling the Playing Field Through the Lens: St. Louis-based Artist Launches Site to Make Art Accessible and Affordable

St. Louis, MO — Christina Kling-Garrett, a lifetime artist and photographer, launches the online gallery and store for her company, Klings & Things Photography, this month with the goal of making art more available.

“I’ve always believed that beauty is not—and shouldn’t be—synonymous with elite and expensive,” said Kling-Garrett. “Art should be accessible and affordable to anyone, anywhere.”

“The original Klings & Things was an eclectic brick-and-mortar gift store opened by my mother in 1974 in Osage, Iowa,” said Kling-Garrett. “She wanted to bring art and beauty into every person’s life. I share that mission.”

At, a visitor can purchase a print for just $15. A set of notecards, too, starts at $15 and framed and matted prints can be purchased for as little as $60. To date, she has sold more than 75 items to patrons across the U.S.

“I love learning about why people are purchasing the pieces and what, specifically, in those pieces spoke to them,” said Kling-Garrett.

Like her photographs and artistic mission, Kling-Garrett is unique.  In 1978, her family became the only people to reside on Indian Isle, Wisconsin year-round.  After that, her parents purchased a weekly newspaper which they ran for almost a decade. It was in the darkroom of this newspaper, that Kling-Garrett mastered photography as a storytelling medium and art form.

Her images range from nature scenes to monuments to moments—always from a unique perspective.

Naming artistic influences like Van Gogh and eschewing comparisons to other naturalists like O’Keefe, Kling-Garrett’s style is distinctively her own.

In January 2012, she created The Lyric Project which engages her audiences in her subject selection. She is currently vetting venues for a showing of the photographs in The Lyric Project series.

“Beauty can be found anywhere and should be found everywhere,” she says. “That is the great challenge, the great adventure in what I do.”

About Klings & Things Photography

Klings & Things Photography is a St. Louis based fine art photography store that features the work of its founder, Christina Kling-Garrett. Founded in February 2012, Klings & Things Photography showcases landscape, artifact, and nature pieces from interesting perspectives and strives to make makes art affordable for and accessible to anyone. For more:, call 636-288-2919, or email